For many years, the discussion around climate action has centered around the old chicken and egg question: who should take climate action first — organizations or individuals, companies or customers? We agree with the answer from Leaders For Climate Action: we should act together! That's why, for the second year in a row, we decided to join the Time for Climate Action campaign,  next to 400 forward-thinking tech companies which are taking actions themselves, and encouraging their customers to follow their lead. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the campaign, what climate action means for us at enspired and how you can make an impact with just a few clicks. 


About Time For Climate Action

The first event of Earth Day was organized more than 50 years ago, on the 22nd of April 1970 in the USA. Senator Gaylord Nelson, a junior senator from Wisconsin, is considered its founder. The original idea of the event was for a teach-in on college campuses. The date for that matter, is not a coincidence, a weekday falling between Spring Break and Final Exams, to maximize student participation. In the end, not only students but also high schoolers and adults joined, giving a total number of 20 million Americans (at that time 10% of all population!) on the streets, protesting things like polluting factories and power plants, pesticides, or oil spills. In 1990 Earth Day became global, inspiring people from 141 countries and paving the way for the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In 2000 event organizers leveraged the power of the internet to spread the word even further.

That led us to the current situation, where Earth Day is widely recognizable and puts together billions of people to fight together in the battle for a better future, a cleaner earth, and against climate change. Enter: Time For Climate Action (TFCA), a joint effort between tech companies from Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, the UK, and Australia that want to walk the talk. Channeling their combined global reach, they bring people to this page, motivate them to take action, and, ultimately, move one step closer to global Net Zero. Each year, the campaign launches on Earth Day, then keeps on running for the 364 days after that. TFCA takes place independently in different countries and at different times of the year, plus our webpage stays online all year long. Within the campaign, participating companies not only share the page with their customers and subscribers, but engage their own team members and suppliers in climate action, create educational materials for their sector, run tree-planting campaigns, publication of educational material, interactive website integrations and many more. 

This year, the aim of the campaign was to shift the paradigm around Earth Day from marketing-oriented competition to purposeful collaboration. LFCA teamed up with over 400 companies and dozens of partners, among of them: enspired. Together, we provided tools and information aimed to inspire 100 million people to take climate action. 



Climate Action at enspired

When it comes to climate action at enspired, we’re on the same journey as you – learning how to reduce our carbon footprint, day by day, step by step. Not only by having a positive impact on it with our service but also by promoting sustainability in our daily work life and through initiatives that e(i)nspire other companies and people. So far we::

  • are a certified CarbonNeutral® and paperless company
  • use green electricity
  • offer free oat milk and plant-based lunch options
  • reimburse public transport annual tickets in Vienna
  • create education & awareness initiatives for employees
  • offset CO2 emissions from our company and of each employee's individual footprint
  • create educational materials or events to inform our network about climate protecting solutions in our sector

Why that is so important to us as an employer? We thought it is best to ask our Business Strategy Expert Julia Viehbäck

"I would argue that if you grew up enspired to take climate action 1in a country that is 62% covered with mountains, you are practically born with a love for snow and winter sports. Of course, I cannot speak for all Austrians, but this is at least the case for me. I learned to ski at the age of 3 in our driveway. I still remember these winters when I was a child. We had huge amounts of snow, even in the valleys. However, as I grew older, the snow has got less and less, and the probability of having a white Christmas was about the same as winning the lottery. And then, at the age of 15, Al Gore figuratively hit me with his “(An) Inconvenient Truth”. And there it was, the reason why the snow has become less. I started educating myself about global warming, the consequences of climate change and other environmental issues. And since then, it has given me existential anxiety with lots of questions about my future, our future. What will be in 30 years?  Leaving my childhood behind and jumping into the present, a lot has changed, but I still ask myself the same question. The good thing is climate change and every topic revolving around it have gained more traction. However, the more we know about it, the more urgent it becomes. In particular, the younger generations (still including myself) are constantly raising awareness for the urge to save our planet, with teenagers like Greta Thunberg and her “Fridays For Future” initiative on the forefront. Even in our daily life, the topic of climate change has become firmly anchored by watching documentaries, reading books, optimistically attempting to find the solution in engaging discussions with friends, and trying to change our habits for the better. So did I. “But what’s the point if only I do it?”, is the desperate sounding question I have been asked occasionally. And the answer is: it has a huge impact. At enspired, I learned that we are all cultural entrepreneurs, meaning you are a multiplier of your values and behaviour. They influence people around you, even perhaps adding the final touch needed for them to change their habits for the better, too. That way a single person becomes a group, becomes a crowd, and hopefully fast enough (!) creates the counterweight required to successfully save our planet."

And now we invite you to join the movement - your access to digital tools that make climate action easier than ever is just a click away.

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