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In the beginning of November, energy experts assembled in Vienna to exchange ideas on driving forward the energy transition as part of our two-day get enspired! event. It would have been great to see you there in person, but you can still benefit from the insights shared by key industry players from reputed companies in seven focused sessions.

  • session 1: driving forward the energy transition
  • session 2: virtual power plants
  • session 3: co-located batteries
  • session 4: battery market
  • session 5: battery marketing - assets
  • session 6: battery marketing - trading
  • session 7: battery technologies

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what people said

“The summit exceeded my expectations. Great content and topics, great presentations and speakers, great networking possibilities and, last but not least, a great location in the heart of Vienna! Many thanks to enspired for inviting me. I am already looking forward to the next event!”

“Good to be part of such a focused event with a clear and exclusive topic. It was unique in the sense that it wasn't your regular gold and platinum sponsors situation but more like a community atmosphere. It’s not often that you leave this kind of event with so many takeaways.”

“The 'get enspired' event did exactly what it said on the tin, and I left feeling well and truly enspired. Exceptional presentations, expertly organised and thoroughly enjoyable! Speaking at the event was an absolute pleasure and working with the enspired team before the event was seamless.”

“The event was extremely interesting and gave me the opportunity to get useful insights on the current status of batteries, VPPs and vehicle-to-grid. It was a remarkable occasion to expand our network, meeting professionals and researchers from leading companies and institutions in the field!”


What is our Vienna enspired summit about?



More than powerpoints and Q&As!

With this event, we are building a platform to connect the industry's most committed individuals and companies to contribute to the energy transition. At enspired, we are working with some of the key players on the European markets to maximise the renewables in the energy mix and accelerate this much-needed transition. Together, we will outline what this means for your and your assets. 

If you're interested in addressing the challenges we face and creating solutions for them, we invite you to join us in beautiful Vienna for 2 days of networking, learning and fun!


Register today - seats are going fast. A member of our team will reach out to organise the details with you. Can't make it to Vienna? Catch us here or meet us online