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October 2023

commercial optimization of flexible assets

In this CRA Energy Chats podcast episode, Katerina Kaplet and enspired CGO Jürgen Pfalzer discuss short-term power market trading and commercial optimization of flexible assets as part of a trading-as-a-service offering, with a focus on battery storage optimization. listen now →

March 2023

trading flexibility with Jürgen Mayerhofer

our CEO recently travelled to Birmginham to join Modo for a conversation about flexibility trading and cross-market battery optimization. discover why software platforms are the traders of the future. listen now →

March 2023

algorithmic trading and power markets

examining trading challenges and opportunities in Europe's energy crisis, this episode features our CEO Jürgen Mayerhofer's take on algorithmic trading being blamed for exacerbating volatility. listen now →


May 2022

where is fully automated energy trading headed?

in this episode of "Insider's Guide to Energy," Jürgen Mayerhofer chats about the shift from large-scale fossil and nuclear generation to small, distributed units, exploring possible outcomes for the future and the challenges to get there.  listen now →


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