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12 December 2023

battery co-location

in light of persisting uncertainties around the viability of battery co-location, speakers from BayWa r.e., CCE, WET, Fluence end enspired are demystifying the associated project phases.

this webinar covers:

  • definitions of co-located batteries
  • PPAs in a co-located setup
  • technical setup, grid access and metering
  • optimization of co-located assets
  • alternatives to the current combination approach
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28 March 2023

cross-market battery optimization

the key to maximizing the profit of your battery energy storage system lies in its commercial optimization across all relevant markets. benefit from the unique opportunity to hear from innovative organizations as their frontline representatives discuss the challenges this brings and disclose how to overcome them.

this webinar covers:

  • individual markets from wholesales to ancillary services
  • the European market structure as a whole
  • warranty terms and restrictions
  • impacts on battery physics
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19 October 2022

VPPs - democratising the energy transition

VPPs are a crucial tool for enabling DERs to participate in energy markets and ensuring the energy transition is built on solid ground. major growth, particularly driven by the ever-expanding residential market, is certain in the global VPP market.

in this webinar you´ll learn about:

  • VPP global landscape and market overview
  • aggregators & development of VPP projects
  • case studies on the INNIO CHP VPP & EnBW renewable VPP
  • trading VPP flexibility and C&I batteries
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10. May 2022

the rise of batteries

batteries are very complex assets, both technically and economically. in "The rise of batteries," a panel of experts discuss the challenges of the technology and highlight the opportunities it brings so you can get the most out of your battery system. 

in this webinar you´ll learn about:

  • asset development and operation trends
  • how to increase the lifetime and market your battery
  • best practices and lessons from the UK
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25. January 2022

keeping the lights on with AI

in "keeping the lights on with AI," industry experts discuss how utilising AI and algos can help you become an active participant in the energy transition, laying out opportunities to generate additional income streams by marketing your flexibility on power spot markets. 

in this webinar you´ll learn about:

  • flexibility and renewable market opportunities
  • how to develop a data-driven automated trading strategy
  • practical monetization of flexible assets
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