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how to choose the right TaaS partner  

develop your own trading software, buy one from another company or partner with a service provider. these are your options when you’re considering profiting from the flexibility of your energy assets. going with a service provider saves you not only money but also a lot of inconvenience. whether it’s issues related to market access, software or data – everything is taken care of by the provider. if you decide on utilizing a trading partner, another question arises: how do you select the right one?

this useful guide details the most important criteria for choosing the ideal trading as a service (TaaS) provider to aid your decision process.

what you get from this white paper 

  • an introduction to Trading as a Service (TaaS)
  • 9 questions to ask when evaluating a TaaS provider
  • pivotal pointers to make your choice easier, including performance, profitability, transparency and more
how to choose the right TaaS partner
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