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how to get started with enspired 

starting a business relationship is exciting for everyone involved: it offers excellent opportunities to grow, learn and accomplish something great together that, in the long run, will not only benefit the parties themselves but their customers as well. still, going into business with someone new can also be slightly intimidating as it brings up many questions and unknowns. what can I expect from this partnership? what does the partner provide and what will I have to do? are there any risks involved, and if so, what kind of support can I expect?

this 9-page guide gets rid of the question marks and gives you all the information you need for teaming up with us.

what you get from this white paper 

  • the whole "how to get started with us" cycle: from the first meeting to go-live
  • how we backtest your asset to determine the value of your flexibility
  • the way we set up contracts, align on your technical data and agree on a profit-share model to ensure a hassle-free process
  • a glance into our personalized dashboard
how to get started with enspired
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