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energy trading

Market coupling and the liquidity question

enspired contributed Chapter 14 to the Handbook of European Electricity Market Coupling, covering the trading perspective of participating in a...

energy transition

The CarbonNeutral® Company Certificate

enspired has achieved CarbonNeutral® company certification through the use of high quality environmental instruments in accordance with The...

battery storage

What we talk about when we talk about batteries

Given the fundamental role batteries play in the transition to clean energy, the industry must look at available technologies to allocate investments...

energy trading

The need for speed

The volume of data going into the development of a trading strategy shows that speed, automation and AI aren't an advantage - they're a necessity.

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enspired moments 2022

2022 was a big one for enspired - it was a very challenging but at the same time incredibly rewarding year. Let's take a look back and ahead.

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Uniform pricing, part 2

Why do we price each MWh as if it was produced using gas even though most of the generation comes from other energy sources which are currently much...

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