insights into the energy market, power trading, battery storage and energy tech

battery storage

Constantly powered

Batteries are complex, both technically and economically. If you want to make the most of them, you need to know how to optimize their performance.

energy transition

VPPs: leveling the playing field

Exploring the largely untapped potential of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) for grid stability and energy market participation.

flexible generation

The power of the atom

Evaluating the role nuclear plays in reaching net zero after the European Commission proposed to classify it as sustainable.

flexible generation

The nuclear options

A look at technologies that could strengthen the argument for classifying nuclear energy as sustainable.

energy transition

Hydrogen: small but powerful

Is hydrogen as clean and flexible an energy carrier for the future as it is made out to be? Let's look at hydrogen use cases in various industries.

flexible generation

Hand in hand towards the energy revolution

We look into the rise of renewable energy, how it affects the stability of the grid and what conventional power plants have to do with it.

battery storage

Storing away for a rainy day, pt 2

How by trading the flexibility potential on intraday markets, a significant business case for battery storage systems can be made.

flexible generation

Burning for flexibility

Conventional thermal power plants remain the backbone of the energy market. What role will they play in a net-zero power market?

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