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Uniform pricing, part 2

Why do we price each MWh as if it was produced using gas even though most of the generation comes from other energy sources which are currently much...

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Uniform pricing, part 1

Would other market designs have smoothened the increase in prices seen in the last months? Gain a deeper understanding of how prices are formed and...

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Making your business future-proof

Given the current instability and the complexity of the energy market, it is hard to make even medium-term predictions, much less long-term ones....

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Starting the new year with old vices

The energy industry is starting into 2022 in the same high alert state from the last couple of months. And some fear that the current energy crisis...

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Austria’s plan to go 100% renewable

The goal is clear: by 2030, domestic electricity consumption is to be covered 100% by renewable power generation. How is this to be achieved, and...

energy transition

Chasing the hydrogen rainbow

The first in our two-part series about hydrogen will take a closer look at what those colors signify and some of the basics of hydrogen as an energy...


Augmented revolution

In our recent article, we covered the evolution of energy trading technology by steps of sophistication. Read more and find out about augmented...


Mind-mapping A.I.

Currently, there is a lot of hype about what AI is and what it can do. We created a map with the most important categories and terms including their...

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No more detours due to dynamic pricing

Energy suppliers can balance energy consumption and generation by using a combination of smart meters and dynamic pricing contracts. But what’s in it...

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