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battery storage

Constantly powered

Batteries are not only vital but also very complex, both technically and economically. If you want to make the most of them, you need to know how...

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Uniform pricing, part 1

Would other market designs have smoothened the increase in prices seen in the last months? Gain a deeper understanding of how prices are formed and...

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Making your business future-proof

Given the current instability and the complexity of the energy market, it is hard to make even medium-term predictions, much less long-term ones....

energy trading

Master of all trades

Enter the pit and start shouting. That’s what trading on a traditional trading floor looks like to outsiders. And that’s essentially what happens....

flexible generation

The power of the atom

Nothing much ever happens in the world of business or politics on December 31: everyone just wants to unwind and have a few drinks to ring in the new...

flexible generation

The nuclear options

In the wake of the European Commission’s recent proposal to classify nuclear energy as sustainable and include it in the EU taxonomy, we decided to...


Gain a new competitive edge with AI

With all the claims that it’s the state-of-the-art technology, you might think that AI is still a very costly thing and sure, up until recently, its...

trending topics

Starting the new year with old vices

The energy industry is starting into 2022 in the same high alert state from the last couple of months. And some fear that the current energy crisis...

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