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flexible generation

The price is right in the energy market

Storage technology and renewable generation are taking over the energy industry as countries worldwide adopt climate action policies.

flexible generation

Hand in hand towards the energy revolution

We look into the rise of renewable energy, how it affects the stability of the grid and what conventional power plants have to do with it.

get to know enspired

High five' with enspis - Cornelia Habetler

Short interviews with our coworkers - enspis! Find out more about us, where we search for work inspiration, or why we decided to join enspired.


AI takes the wheel in power trading

Many tech discussion these days center around AI, and more and more industries are being influenced by it - including the energy sector.

battery storage

Storing away for a rainy day, pt 2

How by trading the flexibility potential on intraday markets, a significant business case for battery storage systems can be made.

energy transition

Climate Action

At enspired, we try to minimize our impact on the environment since day one of our company existence. Here is how.

flexible generation

Burning for flexibility

Conventional thermal power plants remain the backbone of the energy market. What role will they play in a net-zero power market?

flexible generation

Conventionals make a last stand

The shift toward renewables and energy storage comes with challenges in providing flexibility – where does conventional capacity fit in?

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